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Vasectomy Reversal Procedure | Vasectomy Reversal Specialist Los Angeles
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Understanding Vasectomy Reversal Procedures

Dr. Werthman uses one of two micro-surgical procedures to reverse a vasectomy: a vasovasostomy or a vasoepididymostomy. To understand these procedures and how they work, you will need to understand basic male reproductive physiology, and how a vasectomy is performed.

Male Reproductive Physiology

Sperm are produced inside the testicles and stored in the epididymis, located on top of the testes. This is a 14-foot long tubule coiled up into four inches of space.

The sperm leave the testicle, enter the epididymis, and travel through it as it turns into the vas deferens. The vas has a muscular wall, and a small inner channel, about the size of a pen dot. The sperm travel through the vas as it goes through the body, and empties into the prostate. In the prostate, the sperm will mix with seminal fluid to become semen, which is released during ejaculation.

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In a vasectomy, the vas is cut and secured with titanium clips. The opening is so small that it requires no stitches, and is simply covered with a bandaid.

Vasectomy is a quick, minor procedure that blocks the vas deferens and ends the flow of sperm.

Dr. Werthman perfected a no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy, where no incision is needed. A tiny perforation is made. The vas is isolated and blocked with tiny titanium clips. A small piece is removed, and the vas is returned. The perforation is so small that it doesn’t require any stitches.

Vasectomy Reversal Procedures

In a vasectomy reversal, Dr. Werthman will examine the cut ends of the vasectomy and your sperm production in order to determine which procedure is most likely to result in restored fertility.


A vasovasostomy is a vasectomy reversal procedure in which the cut ends of the vas are reconnected, restoring the flow of sperm. This is the simplest form of vasectomy reversal and enables a man to father children once again.

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If there is a blockage elsewhere in the epididymis, merely restoring the cut ends of the vas won’t result in restored fertility. In these cases a vasoepididymostomy is needed to bypass the blockage, and restore sperm flow.

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Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

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