Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome

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Most men who undergo vasectomy have no difficulties, but a small group of men develop chronic testicular or epididymal pain after the procedure. This pain can start immediately after surgery, and is usually due to a sperm granuloma (inflammation at the vasectomy site) or infection. Most cases resolve with the appropriate medical therapy.

Occasionally, chronic pain may develop after the vasectomy, and be exacerbated by ejaculation. This pain is thought to be the result of back pressure building up in the epididymis and is known as “post vasectomy pain syndrome.”

Most doctors who perform vasectomy are unaware of this condition and don’t offer appropriate treatments. Some even tell patients that the pain is “in their head” and they should just learn to deal with it. Other doctors refer patients to pain management clinics who can only offer temporary solutions. Groin or spermatic cord blocks rarely provide more than a few hours of relief.

The pain is real. You can be helped

While it must be stressed that these are fairly uncommon occurrences after vasectomy, they are frustrating and difficult to deal with for the patient, his partner and the physician. We offer a range of treatments for these syndromes including non surgical treatments, vasectomy reversal, open-ended vasectomy, microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord and chemical sterilization.

Most patients with this problem, which has been ignored for so long, need not suffer. Dr. Werthman has treated many men with post-vasectomy pain syndrome and has emerged as a leading authority on the subject. He has written a section on this in the medical textbook “Complications of Urologic Surgery” and has compiled research on the treatment.

A patient’s story

Here is a letter that Dr. Werthman received from a patient who recently received treatment for his post-vasectomy pain syndrome:

“I write this letter only in small part to thank Dr. Werthman and his supporting personnel- my main motivation is to help the next person in need of a great urologist.

“Before finding and settling on Dr. Werthman, I spoke and met with numerous other doctors (also of high repute I should add) about a reconnection and especially a solution to my post-vasectomy pain (vasectomy performed at family planning 2009) which was a complicated matter not due to the usual causes.

“Most did not listen at all, others even suggested frighteningly unnecessary procedures. With each new doctor, I only felt worse about my predicament. Had I not through good fortune found myself in the office of Dr. Werthman, I doubt my nightmare would have been alleviated.

“From beginning to end my experience with Dr. Werthman was a pleasant one. His office staff has been with him a long time and their experience comes through.

“My consultation with the doctor himself was a meeting with a human being who cared about my individual case, not the usual sit-down with a distant expert selling skills and procedures.

“In response to my questioning Dr. Werthman spoke positively of his profession, and I got the sense that his daily work takes on more the aspect of a life mission. He was the only one who during the initial exam identified the probable cause of pain and proposed a solution that made sense.

“Later, during a successful reconnection, Dr. Werthman indeed took care of the problem which he had previously diagnosed correctly. Several hours afterward he called me personally to check on my well-being. I was pleased to report that all was well and that with only an ice pack the post-op pain meds were surprisingly unnecessary.

“I should mention also that the top-notch facility where the work was performed, Specialty Surgical Center of Wilshire, employs a team of personnel that made me feel exceedingly well cared for, not solely for their professionalism, but also because of a disarmingly warm bedside manner which although unexpected was very much appreciated. To the patient (which was me!) everything matters, and it was a great comfort to see that everything mattered to them as well.

“I now feel as if I had a new lease on life, like a trapped animal newly freed, and in some small way reborn. My deepest heart-felt thanks to Dr. Werthman and everyone involved in ensuring the success of the operation and the end of a dismal three-year ordeal. This is what good western medicine is all about, and I truly feel blessed for having received it.

“I am aware that testimonials generally consist of only a few lines and sometimes read like book-review hype, and surely any that contain high praise for Dr. Werthman are certain to be true. However, I chose instead to offer a more detailed and personal account of my experience so that others might have the good fortune to arrive at the same decision that served me so well. Normally I think I would have ended this by saying 'take care and good luck to you', but if you have already found Dr. Werthman then that may be all the care and luck you need. So instead I will only say: take it easy, relax- you really are in the best of hands.”

Sincerely, Eric, Aug 2012

Click here to review a study conducted by Dr. Werthman that was presented at the American Urological Association’s 2010 meeting.

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